Petrol cans, bleach and paints. Chemical-based products are powerful agents that help make our lives easier if packaged correctly. Målmarks helps you store chemical-based products safely, practically and without risk to the environment.

Chemical industry

Målmarks is a major supplier to the chemical industry. We specialise in UN-approved cans and bottles from 0.1l to 60l, and have a number of different articles in stock in Hungary and Sweden for customers of all sizes. One of our strengths is the ability to make products that are durable, usable and functional. We make standard and customised products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We have a number of customers within this segment that are leaders within the chemical industry. Oil companies are a major customer segment for Målmarks.


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A few of our customers

"OKQ8 has been using Målmarks International as supplier of petrol cans for many years. Price stability and reliable delivery have been high class, which is why thenumber of products supplied by Målmarks to OKQ8 has successively increased. OKQ8 expects to expand and strengthen its relationship with Målmarks."

Annika Reustersten


"One of the reasons that we chose Målmarks as a supplier was the focus on quality, function and safety for their products. We feel confident that their products fulfil the requirements of the law and EU directives, and that there is supporting documentation as backup."

Jesper Johansson

Circle K

Our certifications

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In the kitchen, gym and bathroom. Our lives demand high levels of durability and usability. Målmarks helps with the manufacture and supply of products to make the lives of your customers easier.



With a Målmarks product, you can be sure that you have everything you need for a safe journey.



Painkiller tablets, cough medicines and skin creams. Every day we use products to protect or improve our health. Our packaging products are designed to provide the effect the consumer expects in every instance.



Innovation is the best design. We know that good packaging makes a big difference. Therefore we gladly produce and deliver products with original form and function that is not part of our traditional range.