Due to the fact that we have our own production, we have both insight and control, which ensures quality.

Our factory in Hungary is certified according to ISO 14001, a standard for working to reduce environmental impact.

In our production, we use high-density polyethylene, HDPE plastic. Positive characteristics for HDPE are that it is possible to make food approved and has good resistance to moisture and chemicals, there are also good opportunities to recycle plastic.

We sell residual plastic that remains during production to be used for new products, we work to reduce waste so that as much as possible of the material can be used. Our plant manager Lajos Simon, together with our production and quality manager Péter Puskás, lead the work in the factory and constantly strive for continued quality and a sustainable way of working. The factory is certified according to ISO 9001 which is a quality management system.

If you are interested in products made of bioplastic and/or PCR (post-consumer Recycled) please contact us.

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