We shape the plastics industry of the future

Our long experience in plastic manufacturing and, above all, blow moulding means that we can offer our customers effective total solutions, from idea to finished product.

Thanks to the fact that we have our own production, we have both insight and control, which ensures quality.

Why blow moulding?

Blow moulding can be compared to glassblowing, a technique used for thousands of years to create beautiful and useful glass products. The glass is attached to a pipe, which is then lowered into a mould. By blowing into the pipe, the material shapes itself according to its surroundings, and a cavity body is formed.

An environmentally friendly and safe alternative

Blow molding takes the process to an industrial scale and a higher level of precision. Plastic is today an environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective alternative for manufacturing parts and products that are exposed to cold, heat or pressure and have high technical requirements.

The process’s low material consumption, high precision and production speed mean that it is used in a number of industries to manufacture gasoline cans, air ducts and other forms of polymer products.

If your products require other technology, please contact us and we will look at solutions.



Blow moulding uses the same technology to manufacture both simple and complex products, making it easy to rearrange production and fine-tune the design of parts.


The cost of the tools used in blow molding is approx. 40% lower than other methods used in plastic processing, such as injection molding.


With guidance from our skilled production manager in the factory, we can help you produce and develop a product based on your idea. Our creative Art Director can assist with packaging design, and we also have many good transport agreements if you also want help with the delivery of your products in the final stages of the process.

oVER 20 years of experience in plastic blow moulding

Our long experience in automotive plastic products and packaging, as well as high demands on quality, safety and the environment, make us sure our products are always a safe choice.



Most of our experience comes from the automotive and packaging industries. But our expertise is not tied to a specific industry. We are experts in plastic blow molding.

From 0.1 liter

Målmarks produces petrol cans, containers, hoses, pipes, jugs, bottles and a range of other types of blow-moulded products in sizes between 0.1 liters for several different industrial sectors, from packaging to components, in Sweden as well as Europe.

A safe choice for consumers and the environment

Our solutions put quality, safety, and environmental awareness first. From idea to finished product, whether we produce polymer packaging for chemical use, petrol cans or shampoo bottles, the result is always a safe choice for consumers and the environment.







In blow moulding, there is a great opportunity to manufacture different parts for the automotive industry, and Målmarks has therefore set itself the goal of reaching different players in the industry.

Packaging Industry

In the kitchen, at the gym and in the bathroom. Our everyday life places high demands on sustainability and user-friendliness. Målmarks helps you manufacture and deliver products that make your customers’ everyday lives go together.

Målmarks is a specialist in plastic blow moulding, which is an advantage when you need to develop different solutions for the packaging industry. Målmarks manufactures standard containers, barrels, cans, bottles, etc. for the packaging industry or can simply develop a completely new solution depending on the customer’s needs.


Målmarks develops solutions that suit the customer’s needs. We are looking at the possibility of building cleanrooms in the factory to be able to manufacture pharmaceutical packaging.

Chemical Industry

Målmarks is a major supplier to the chemical industry. We are specialists in UN-approved cans and bottles from 0.1L to 60L and have a variety of items in stock in Hungary and in Sweden for direct delivery to large or small customers. One of our strengths is the ability to develop products that have usability, durability, and function as a premise. We manufacture both standard products as well as customized products to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Innovation is the best design. We know that good packaging makes a big difference. Therefore, we are happy to produce and deliver products with original form and function that are not included in our traditional ranges.




Målmarks manufactures plastic products based on blow moulding technology. The organisation operates according to the needs of the market and following quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Målmarks continuously analyses the ever-changing market conditions. Aiming to supply the market with high quality products, the organisation constantly invests in new machinery and adopts new

In order to perfect cooperate with customers, a stable and predictable quality must be achieved. All staff within Målmarks must abide by the principles of the Quality Policy Statement, which are as follows:

• A complete compliance with customer requirements must be reached
• Smooth communication with customer plays an important role in the successful operation of the organization;
• The production and logistics processes by optimization and effectiveness aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
• Målmarks formulates requirements to its the suppliers as part of our supply chain. We continuously evaluate our suppliers and expect production and its exact deadline specified delivery the best quality products.

In accordance with these principles, the implementation of these objectives relies heavily on experienced and qualified professionals. For this purpose, the organisation continuously invests on human resources and development, attaching special importance on the satisfaction of our employees.

The organisation continuously improves its operation through modern processes and methods that facilitate the planning of activities, assist in decision-making, and ensure control of the process.

Målmarks is recognized in the market as being capable of evolving, learning and delivering. The company’s permanent goal is to develop towards a more dedicated and effective enterprise companies.

Målmarks therefore sees the operation according to this Quality Policy as crucial to its own and its customers success.

Lajos Simon
Plant Manager

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