Målmarks is a family-owned company that is under expansion. We have long been the market leader in the Nordic region when it comes to sales of fuel cans with accessories, but our market is primarily in Europe. With our own production of blow-moulded plastic products in central Europe, we can easily and quickly distribute these throughout the continent.

In Sweden there is also a warehouse for quick deliveries to Nordic customers.

Our company has also been engaged in wholesale business for over 30 years and has solid experience in import and export all over the world. We are specialists in finding the product you want, solving the logistics and also warehousing. In addition to its own trade offices in Hong Kong and Brazil, there are also established contacts in several other countries.

Quality, safety and environment

Our focus is quality, environment and service. We are in close contact with our customers and try to do everything we can to meet both requests and complaints. Customers should feel well taken care of with us, for a long and fine cooperation. This is how we think about sustainability.

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