In addition to our industrial operations, we offer a wide range of products under our own well-established brand “Never Stop”.

At Målmarks we are problem solvers with a large network of contacts. Whatever product you are looking for, we are happy to help you find a solution. Send us a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Never Stop

Never Stop’s logo has been on petrol cans since the 1950s. Today it can also be found on a number of products in car and vehicle accessories. The products are tested and quality labeled with Tüv/GS, CE, SP, British Standard and UN.

The brand’s watchwords are: user and environmental friendliness, quality. Never Stop products are an obvious part of all quality-conscious retailers in Scandinavia’s range.


Since the 90s, Målmarks has had a good contact network in the Baltics, from where we supply wood and other wood products to a number of Swedish companies. Contact us if you want to know more!

Charge Amps

Målmarks has an exclusive distribution agreement for electric car chargers in Brazil with the Swedish manufacturer Charge Amps. It is a long-term investment in a market with over 200 million inhabitants.

Your new supplier

If you have problems getting products from the current supplier or do you need new purchasing channels, please contact us.

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